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About Us
I make artisan bread. I have burned 3 PRO 600 KA mixers in warranty which were all replaced. I am THEMAN @ But my mixers were plain. I wanted my mixer flamed but didn't have the money for an airbrush job. I knew life could be unfair but that didn't stop me from getting flames.

I have spent 2 years working on a one size fits all biggest Flame for the buck easy to apply long lasting RADICAL flame styles. And now you can have it too. It's time to FLAME UP and cook on!

Company history
We came, we saw, we baked some bread. But whatever your specialty know we feel your pan. We once had mixers that weren't Flamed. But now they envy us. Come. Join us. Flame it up!
Customer testimonials
Thosuands of happy customers. 100% positive EBAY ratings as of 09/2008 (except for the guy that thought I would send him a new mixer for the price of the decal?!?!). Only quality and satisfaction are delivered!